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Our goal at DeGroote is to provide you with employees who will make an immediate impact in your organization

Our students have a well-rounded foundation of knowledge and apply different ways of thinking to innovate and solve problems. They bring new thoughts, theories, approaches, and a greater capacity for broader workforce adaptation in an ever-changing world.


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Internship, Co-op and Future Graduate Recruitment

Think about engaging with our co-op and internship students who will bring enthusiasm and new perspectives to your organization. Students join your team eager to apply the skills they have developed through their course work at DeGroote and their own past experiences.

When you recruit a high-caliber DeGroote commerce student you get an energetic, diligent intern who brings core technical skills and excellent academic training to your organization.

Our undergraduate internship program has start dates, May to September. Should a student begin in May, they must complete either a 12- or 16-month internship. If they begin in September, the internship must be 12 months in length. All students who participate have completed three years of academic study and must return to campus at the completion of their internship for their graduating academic year.

Students in the internship program have successfully completed the third year of their undergraduate commerce degree and have maintained or exceeded a cumulative average of 72%.

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MBA Co-op Program

For more than forty years, DeGroote’s MBA co-op program has given students the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills, work ethic, and leadership potential in the business world.

Our students are carefully screened through the program’s admissions process and come from a variety of academic backgrounds including commerce, science, engineering, and the arts.

The Co-op program combines four academic semesters with a total of 12 months of work experience. The work terms may be completed in the traditional sequencing of three 4-month work terms, or through longer work terms of eight months (depending on employer needs and the student’s course sequence) and we have work terms commencing in January, May and September.

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Collaborating Students

DeGroote’s Career and Professional Development team helps find the best students and graduates to suit your business needs

Together we work with you in the following ways:

• One-on-one strategic planning with one of our relationship managers
• Posting jobs on McMaster University’s online recruitment system
• Supporting on-campus recruitment events
• Online resumé access
• On-campus interviews, including lunch and refreshments


The recruitment dates for the B.Com with Internship and MBA Co-op Program follow specific cycles:

• Summer Recruitment – January to April
• Graduate Recruitment – Ongoing
• Alumni Recruitment – Ongoing

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